Bathyraja richardsoni

Bathyraja richardsoniBathyraja richardsoni


The strongly triangular body shape, short tail, low number of thorns on the tail, absence of thorns on the disk, and eyes set far apart - are all consistent with Bathyraja richardsoni. Pale coloration is also right. Depth occurrence is OK. But, the most definitive character is the position of the pelvic fins. Very few skates have the pelvics situated wholly or nearly-wholly behind the disk. B. richardsoni is one that does - and so is the fish in this photo.

Item Type:Image
Title:Bathyraja richardsoni
Creator(s):Gates, A.
Identification:Sulak, K.
Date:30 May 2012
Classification:Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Chordata (Chordates) > Class Chondrichthyes (Rays, Sharks & relatives) > Rajiformes (Rays, skates & sawfishes) > Rajidae (Rays & skates)
Species:Bathyraja richardsoni
Site:Indian > Indian Ocean > East Africa > Lavani
Depth (m):2391
Countries:East Africa > Tanzania
Habitat:Benthic boundary zone
Substratum:Deep-sea mud
Rig:Ocean Rig Poseidon
Project Partners:Statoil, Oceaneering
ROV:Millenium 93 and 73
Keywords:Bathyraja richardsoni Tanzania Indian Ocean Lavani
Deposited By:Dr Andrew Gates
Deposited On:29 October 2012

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