Classification: Order Isopoda (Isopods)

Number of items: 6.

Aega sp. (2 files)
Site: Arctic > Barents > Norway
Depth (m): 310
Behaviour: Probably a temporary parasite, feeding on blood of fish host. The anterior first 3 pairs of pereiopods are hooked to hold on to the host whereas the rest of the pereipods are 'walking legs'.

Bathynomus giganteus - Giant Isopod (1 file)
Site: Atlantic > Venezuelan Basin
Depth (m): 543
Behaviour: Feeding on some bait on the seafloor.

Bathynomus giganteus - Giant Isopod (4 files)
Site: Atlantic > Venezuelan Basin
Depth (m): 543

Isopod (1 file)
Site: Atlantic > North Sea > West of Shetland > Faroe-Shetland Channel > Brugdan
North Sea > West of Shetland > Faroe-Shetland Channel > Brugdan

Depth (m): 480

Isopod (2 files)
Site: Indian > Indian Ocean > Enfield
Depth (m): 580
Behaviour: Crawling

Isopoda sp. (1 file)
Site: Atlantic > Norwegian > Dalsnuten
Depth (m): 1452

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