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Bathypterois phenax Blackfin spiderfish

Long nosed Chimera

Alcyonacean (soft coral)

Poliometra prolixa

Chamber sponge

Unknown sponge

Giant club sponge

Giant club sponge

Sponge Cladorhiza gelida

Sponge Asbestopluma bihamatifera

Sponge Asbestopluma bihamatifera

Anemone, Halcampa arctica

Hydroid Corymorpha groenlandica

Hydroid Tubularia regalis

Hydroid Tubularia regalis

Hydroid Corymorpha glacialis

Soft coral Alcyonacean

Jelly Lucernaria bathyphila

Sabellidae sp.

Sea snail




Sea spider Nymphon sp.

Seastar Pontaster tenuispinus

Seastar Crossaster squamatus

Seastar Henricia sp.

Seastar Poraniid

Seastar Poraniid

Seastar Pteraster miliaris

Seastar Hymenaster pellucidus

Arctic rockling Gaidropsarus argentatus

Eelpout Lycodes sp.

Eelpout Lycodes esmarkii

Scorpion fish Cottunculus microps

Arctic skate? Amblyraja hyperborea

Octocoral and associated ophiuroids from Mauritania

Comatulid crinoid from Mauritania

Lithodid crab from Mauritania (Neolithodes asperrimus)

Holothurian from Mauritania

Lithodid crab from Mauritania (Paralomis africana?)

Octopus from Mauritania (Benthoctopus sp.?)

Hermit crab (Parapagurus pilosimanus) with zoanthid on back(Epizoanthus paguriphilus) at lower right of image. Probable Edwardsid anemone in centre.

Polycheles crustacean

Alepocephalus sp. Slickhead.

Bathyraja sp. Ray.

Centroscyllium fabricii. Black dogfish.

Cerianthid anemone.

Goniasterid seastar.

Halosaurid Halosaur

Indeterminate Macrourid Rattail

Lophius budegasa monkfish

Munida squat lobsters

Orange sponge

Palemonid prawn

Pennatulid sea pen

Bathynomus giganteus - Giant Isopod

Ceranthid anemone

Ceranthid anemone capture

Chrysogorgia sp. Soft coral

Chrysogorgia sp. Soft coral


Democrinus sp. or Monachocrinus sp.

Flabellum moseleyi - cupcoral

Nymphaster arenatus Seastar

Sabellid polychaete Tube worm

scyphozoan jelly

Sea cucumber (holothurian)

Unknown cnidarian

Unknown cnidarian

Unknown (probably echiuran)

Bathynomus giganteus - Giant Isopod

Lophiodes beroe monkfish from Brazil

Grenadier from Angola

Dogshark from Angola

Piglet squid from Cieba field Equatorial Guinea

Deep-water chimera. Hydrolagus affinis, the Smalleyed rabbitfish


Manta Rays off Angola

Sinobatis borneensis, the Borneo leg skate

Seal attacking Ling

Warsaw Grouper - Epinephelus nigritus

Octopus - Eledone cirrhosa

Leachia sp. cranchiid squid

Todarodes squid

Cnidarians from Mozambique

possibly Parapagurus pilosimanus (and Epizoanthus paguriphilus anemone) from Mozambique

holothurian from Mozambique

Echinoid from Mozambique (possibly Phormosoma placenta)

a ctenophore from Mozambique

Cnidarians from Mozambique

Hard substratum communities from Golfinho Mozambique

Oreo (Neocyttus acanthorhynchus) from Golfinho Mozambique

Antimora rostrata

Anarhichas minor (Spotted Wolffish)

Rhinochimaera from Gulf of Mexico

Coryphaenoides mediterraneus (Mediterranean grenadier)

Tripodfish from India

Octopus (Muusoctopus johnsonianus? or new species) from Gulf of Mexico

Rhinochimaera Harriotta raleighana (narrownose chimaera) from Gulf of Mexico

Tremaster mirabilis at Laggan

Octopus from Usan

Ray from Usan

Lophiiform fish from Usan

Lithodid crab (Paralomis cristulata?) from Usan

Sea star from Usan

Grenadier fish from Usan

Notostomum laeve

Holothurian from Mozambique


Diplopteraster multipes

Nettastoma melanurum

Bathyphysa conifera? (Rhizophysid Siphonophore)



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