Animals attracted to baited camera

Animals attracted to baited camera


Brosme brosme (tuskfish), Scyliorhinus canicula (lesser spotted dogfish/small spotted catshark) and hermit crabs (Pagurus sp.) attracted to baited camera experiment.

Item Type:Image
Title:Animals attracted to baited camera
Creator(s):Gates, AR
Date:10 March 2017
Copyright:SERPENT Project
Classification:Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods) > Class Malacostraca (Crabs, krill, pill bugs, shrimps, prawns) > Order Decapoda (Crabs, lobsters, prawns, shrimps), Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Chordata (Chordates) > Class Chondrichthyes (Rays, Sharks & relatives) > Carcharhiniformes (Ground Sharks) > Scyliorhinidae (Cat sharks), Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Chordata (Chordates) > Class Actinopterygii (Ray finned Fish) > Gadiformes (Cods) > Lotidae (Hakes and burbots)
Species:Scyliorhinus canicula, Brosme brosme, Pagurus sp.
Behaviour:Attracted to bait
Site:Atlantic > North Sea > West of Shetland > Halifax
North Sea > West of Shetland > Halifax
Site Description:Seafloor
Depth (m):130
Countries:UK > West of Shetland
Rig:Transocean Spitsbergen
Project Partners:Hurricane Energy, Transocean, Oceaneering
ROV:Magnum 139
Keywords:Dogfish, Catshark, crab, cancer pagurus, brosme
Deposited By:Dr Andrew Gates
Deposited On:01 November 2017

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