Octopus - Eledone cirrhosa

Octopus - Eledone cirrhosaOctopus - Eledone cirrhosaOctopus - Eledone cirrhosaOctopus - Eledone cirrhosa
Octopus - Eledone cirrhosa


I think it is Eledone cirrhosa, this is partly because of the distribution (Clair Ridge is fairly shallow and ‘warm’ water), but also because of the pale coloured ridge around the edge of the mantle, yellowish colour and because it looks like it has one row of suckers (although this is basically guesswork from the image quality). Bathypolypus and Benthoctopus have a double row of suckers widely spaced on each arm and tends to live in deep-water (Benthoctopus piscatorum is known from 1400-2520 m depth in the Rockall Trough and Faroe-Shetland Channel) . Benthoctopus is also usually smooth and red/purple in colour. Benthoctopus piscatorum has arms approximately four times the mantle length, which is not consistent with the images.

Item Type:Image
Title:Octopus - Eledone cirrhosa
Creator(s):Jones, D
Identification:Jones, D
Classification:Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Mollusca (Molluscs) > Class Cephalopoda (Octopus & Squids) > Octopoda (Octopus) > Octopodidae (Octopus)
Species:Eledone cirrhosa
Behaviour:Swimming and resting
Site:Atlantic > North Sea > West of Shetland > Faroe-Shetland Channel
North Sea > West of Shetland > Faroe-Shetland Channel
Site Description:Seafloor
Depth (m):200
Latitude:60 deg 44' 10" N
Longitude:2 deg 29' 42" W
Northing:60.73606° / -2.495037° (Map)
Countries:UK > West of Shetland
Project Partners:BP, Transocean
Deposited By:Dr Daniel Jones
Deposited On:10 August 2012

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