Flabellum sp.

Flabellum sp.


Flabellum sp. is the orange organism in the foreground of the image with its tentacles withdrawn. These kind of stony corals are often found in soft sediments. The red organism in the top right hand corner of the image is probably also a Flagellum sp. but with its tentacles expanded.

Item Type:Image
Title:Flabellum sp.
Creator(s):Kröger, Kerstin
Identification:Kröger, Kerstin
Date:09 July 2011
Copyright:SERPENT project
Classification:Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Cnidaria (Cnidarians) > Anthozoa (Sea Anemones & Corals) > Scleractinia (Stony corals) > Carophylliidae (Stony coral) > Family Flabellidae
Species:Flabellum sp.
Behaviour:Cosmopolitan genus of non-reef building scleractinia. Solitary, free-living corals that are purse-shaped with or without rootlets. A colum is absent or nearly so. Polyps are extended day and night and are large.
Site:Atlantic > Norwegian > Apollon
Site Description:Seafloor
Depth (m):387
Latitude:68 deg 03' 16" N
Longitude:5 deg 11' 77" E
Countries:Norway > Norwegian Sector
Substratum:soft sediment
Rig:Aker Barents
Project Partners:Aker Drilling, Oceaneering
ROV:Magnum 142
Keywords:Atlantic Norway Apollon Cnidaria Anthozoa Scleractinia
Deposited By:Dr K Kroeger
Deposited On:18 August 2011

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