Hormathiidae sp.

Hormathiidae sp.


General view of the Seabed, with Krill swimming Meganyctiphanes norvegica in the water column, Cod Gadus Morhua Swimming out of view, there are also two anemones within the shot these are Anemones of the Hormathiidae family exact species unknown but is thought to be one of the two more diverse families in the deep sea and many of the taxa are distinguished based on internal anatomy, such as how many pairs of mesenteries are complete or size of nematocysts This image was taken at Lancaster 9 months after drilling

Item Type:Image
Title:Hormathiidae sp.
Creator(s):MacLean, M.
Identification:MacLean, M.
Date:27 May 2010
Copyright:SERPENT project
Classification:Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Chordata (Chordates) > Class Actinopterygii (Ray finned Fish) > Gadiformes (Cods) > Gadidae (Cods & Haddocks), Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods) > Class Malacostraca (Crabs, krill, pill bugs, shrimps, prawns) > Order Euphausiacea (Krill) > Family Euphausiidae (Krill), Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Cnidaria (Cnidarians) > Anthozoa (Sea Anemones & Corals) > Actiniaria (Anemones) > Hormathiidae
Species:Gadus morhua, Meganyctiphanes norvegica
Site:Atlantic > North Sea > West of Shetland > Lancaster
North Sea > West of Shetland > Lancaster
Site Description:Seafloor
Depth (m):155
Latitude:60 deg 11' 13" N
Longitude:3 deg 51' 18" W
Countries:UK > West of Shetland
Substratum:Sand and Gravel with some boulders
Rig:Borgsten Dolphin
Project Partners:Hurricane Exploration (HEX), Subsea 7
ROV:Pioneer 027
Keywords:Lancaster West of Shetland Benthic Atlantic Krill Meganyctiphanes norvegica Cod Gadus morhua Hormathiidae sp.
Deposited By:Miss Moira MacLean
Deposited On:25 November 2010

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