This picture has been called 'Rosebank Ray 2' and 'Image 3348' Ken Sulak says 'Image 3348' is a bit of a mystery. It looks similar to Amblyraja radiata, the thorny ray, and has the right number of mid-dorsal large median spines - but the tail appears too short, the numerous large spines are missing from the body, and there is no distinct gap between the two dorsal fins. He says "I am not very familiar with rays from the Eastern Atlantic - that do not occur as well in the Western Atlantic. But, I do not think this image is of A. radiata." John McEachran thinks that this skate is Amblyraja and probably A. hyperborea. Samuel Iglésias says "I'm also very suprised by the colour (white spot) of that specimen , So I identify it as Amblyraja sp. (cf. hyperborea)."

Item Type:Image
Creator(s):Gates, Andrew
Identification:Sulak, Ken and Iglésias, Samuel and McEachran, John D
Date:23 October 2007
Copyright:SERPENT Project
Classification:Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Chordata (Chordates) > Class Chondrichthyes (Rays, Sharks & relatives) > Rajiformes (Rays, skates & sawfishes) > Rajidae (Rays & skates)
Species:Amblyraja sp.?
Site:Atlantic > North Sea > West of Shetland > Rosebank
North Sea > West of Shetland > Rosebank
Site Description:Seafloor
Depth (m):1125
Latitude:61 deg 05' 29" N
Longitude:3 deg 41' 13" E
Substratum:deep-sea mud
Rig:Transocean Rather
Project Partners:Chevron, Subsea 7, Transocean
ROV:Centurion 05 HD (work class)
Keywords:Arctic skate, ray, verified
Deposited By:Dr Andrew Gates
Deposited On:25 February 2010

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