Community of mussels, sea stars, tube worms and stony coral in the North Sea

Community of mussels, sea stars, tube worms and stony coral in the North Sea


A community of sea stars, stony corals, mussels, tube worms, and cup corals around the bottom of the Thistle Platform in the North Sea

Item Type:Image
Title:Community of mussels, sea stars, tube worms and stony coral in the North Sea
Identification:Guerin, Andrew
Classification:Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Annelida (Segmented worms) > Class Polychaeta (Polychaete Worms) > Order Canalipalpata (Tube worms) > Family Serpulidae, Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Cnidaria (Cnidarians) > Anthozoa (Sea Anemones & Corals) > Scleractinia (Stony corals) > Carophylliidae (Stony coral), Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Echinodermata (Echinoderms) > Class Asteroidea (Sea Stars) > Order Forcipulatida (Sea Stars) > Family Asteriidae (Sea stars), Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Mollusca (Molluscs) > Class Bivalvia (Bivalves) > Order Mytiloida (Mussels) > Family Mytilidae (Mussels)
Species:Mytilus edulis, Asterias rubens, Pomatoceros triqueter, Lophelia pertusa, Caryophyllia smithii
Behaviour:Community at base of rig
Site:Atlantic > North Sea
North Sea
Site Description:Seafloor
Depth (m):165
Countries:UK > North Sea
Substratum:Rocky, rig structure
Rig:Thistle A Platform
Project Partners:Rovtech, Lundin Petroleum, iicorr
Keywords:Mussels, cup corals, stony corals, tube worms, sea stars, Thistle Platform, North Sea
Deposited By:Rob Curry
Deposited On:24 May 2007

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