Oreo (Neocyttus acanthorhynchus) from Golfinho Mozambique

Oreo (Neocyttus acanthorhynchus) from Golfinho Mozambique


Neocyttus acanthorhynchus fish on hard substratum off Mozambique. The fish in the grab is an Oreo, family Oreosomatidae, possibly Neocyttus acanthorhynchus, described by Gilchirst 1908 from off Madagascar. This photo is very similar to Neocyttus helgae from the NE Atlantic. I believe several specimens of the photographed species were trapped during the Russian cruise of the Vityaz many years ago. There is no common name for this species. It is closely related to the spikey oreo, Neocyttus rhomboidalis, well known, and fished commercially, on the Atlantic side of South Africa. But the spikey oreo (also previously called the oreo dory, and sometimes black dory - particularly in the fishery) has a less angular shape without the marked dip in front of the dorsal fin. This photo makes me suspicious, wondering if N. helgae and N. acanthorhynchus are perhaps the same species with a classic anti-tropical (bi-polar) global distribution. Your photos are remarkably similar to N. helgae. If they are indeed N. acanthorhynchus, your photos may be the first life photos of same.

Item Type:Image
Title:Oreo (Neocyttus acanthorhynchus) from Golfinho Mozambique
Creator(s):Jones, D
Identification:Sulak, K
Date:08 April 2012
Classification:Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Chordata (Chordates) > Class Actinopterygii (Ray finned Fish) > Zeiformes (Dories) > Oreosomatidae (Oreos)
Species:Neocyttus acanthorhynchus
Behaviour:swimming near seafloor
Site:Indian > Indian Ocean > East Africa
Site Description:Seafloor
Depth (m):996
Latitude:10 deg 31' 54" S
Longitude:40 deg 46' 50" E
UTM Zone:37L
Countries:East Africa > Mozambique
Habitat:rocky area
Rig:Belford Dolphin
Project Partners:Subsea 7
ROV:Subsea 7
Keywords:corals fish oreo hard ground hard substratum
Deposited By:Dr Daniel Jones
Deposited On:18 September 2012

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